RPost Registered Email Service Press Conference

Minister, flanked by RPost Executive Alex Khan and

Post Master General Major (Retired) Allan Wayne Smith, E.D.


Direct Marketing Service

The Bermuda Post Office’s (BPO) Direct Marketing Service is a less expensive way to:
Target an address location, Reduce mail processing costs, Conduct marketing campaigns and market your product, service, idea, and make major event announcements, and promotions.

We can help you to build more customer traffic and ultimately increase revenue.
Direct Marketing eliminates the cost of a mailing list and printing specific names and addresses on every single piece of mail by simply using ‘To Occupier’ and a postage paid indicia on each mail item.

Local Post Office

Please visit your local post office where you can buy a variety of items including shipping supplies, First Day Covers, BPO Souvenirs and collectors items and enquire about BPO services.

Express Mail Service

The Bermuda Post Office can make your overseas travel affordable and stress free if you send your extra items and purchases home by using the Parcel Post/ Express Mail Service.


Track and Trace

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News Release

RPost Registered Email Service

The Bermuda Post Office (BPO) has entered into Phase 2 of the RPost, Registered Email service.